Customer relations

Due to the technology the most significant customers of Mizsepack are from meat and food industry, however we are in touch with several other well-known companies operating in other field of activities. The basic aspect of our way of thinking is that the customers' demands are always considered to be primary and our activity must be adjusted to it.


-- 1962 --

Bács-Kiskun Country Printing House (legal predecessor of Petőfi Printing House Co.) founded its headquarter in Lajosmizse

-- 1975 --

Starting the printing of artificial casings

-- 1991 --

The former headquarter became independent company as Mizsepack Ltd.

-- 1992 --


We believe that our customers satisfaction is the result of the customer-centred way of thinking. The primery aim of our quality and enviroment-centered corporate strategy is to provide effective service to our customers and to meet the challenges of sustainable development.


Machinery of the Ltd. is formed according to the three main activities. We have seven printing machines, three of them print only casings, and the other four of them print self-adhesive labels and foil. Replaceability was an important aspect in implementing the machinery, as in case of any defects the present arrangement makes it possible to print the product on the other machine.

Please, call us at the following phone number: +36 76 556 789