Company Profile

Mizsepack Printing Ltd. became an independent company in 1990. It's legal predecessor as the headquarter of B·cs-Kiskun County Printing House began its operation in Lajosmizse in 1962. Its activity included printing of books and university lecture notes, as well as clichÈ making, later production of board games and artificial casings.

Simultaneously with the change of ownership, reorganization of the company also started in 1992 which was accompanied by continuous development and deliberate framing of market policy. Due to the planned developments the technology of artificial casing printing was updated continuously, so nowadays Mizsepack is the market leader on the area of artificial casing confectioning, having more than 50% market share. Under the effect of being present on the market and having feedback, we started the production of self-adhesive labels in 1994, which placed Mizsepack to the second most significant position on the market by 20% market share. Nowadays our turnover reaches 3 billion HUF by the production of artificial casings, self-adhesive labels and printing foils and we are proud that we cope with almost all the tasks on our own.

Our constant aim is to form such a quality and price value proportion, keeping the customer interests in mind, which ensures continuous customer satisfaction, professional development and safe jobs for 115 workers of Mizsepack.


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