Company profile

Mizsepack Printing Ltd. became an independent company in 1990. It’s legal predecessor as the headquarter of Bács-Kiskun County Printing House began its operation in Lajosmizse in 1962. Its activity included printing of books and university lecture notes, as well as cliché making, later production of board games and artificial casings.
Simultaneously with the change of ownership, reorganization of the company also started in 1992 which was accompanied by continuous development and deliberate framing of market policy. Due to the planned developments the technology of artificial casing printing was updated continuously, so nowadays Mizsepack is the market leader on the area of artificial casing confectioning, having more than 50% market share. Under the effect of being present on the market and having feedback, we started the production of self-adhesive labels in 1994, which placed Mizsepack to the second most significant position on the market by 20% market share. Nowadays our turnover reaches 3 billion HUF by the production of artificial casings, self-adhesive labels and printing foils and we are proud that we cope with almost all the tasks on our own.
Our constant aim is to form such a quality and price value proportion, keeping the customer interests in mind, which ensures continuous customer satisfaction, professional development and safe jobs for 115 workers of Mizsepack.

Customer relations

Due to the technology the most significant customers of Mizsepack are from meat and food industry, however we are in touch with several other well-known companies operating in other field of activities. The basic aspect of our way of thinking is that the customers’ demands are always considered to be primary and our activity must be adjusted to it. An important element of our customer service is that both artwork processing and printing form making are carried out by our own team. The existing 4 work stations are able to receive either PC or Macintosh graphical data files, in this way the pre-press preparation is quick and we can implement the required modifications locally. We also undertake designing in case of special demands. Our wide range of knowledge on the area of raw materials and printing makes it possible to find the answer for every arising question and to offer the most optimal solution for our partners.



We believe that our customers satisfaction is the result of the customer-centred way of thinking. The primery aim of our quality and enviroment-centered corporate strategy is to provide effective service to our customers and to meet the challenges of sustainable development. As a proof of our commitment the quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standard, the enviromental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015, together with HACCP food industrial quality assurance system. We aim at extending our market position, increasing the international acknowledgement and developing the condition of our natural enviroment by continuous customer-centred developments.


Machinery of the Ltd. is formed according to the three main activities. We have seven printing machines, three of them print only casings, and the other four of them print self-adhesive labels and foil. Replaceability was an important aspect in implementing the machinery, as in case of any defects the present arrangement makes it possible to print the product on the other machine. Our own maintenance group works quickly and effectively. If necessary involving the specialists of the machine producer to eliminate the incurring problem. Our machines operate in three shifts, in case of additional demands we meet the requirements by reorganizing the plan of work.




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